The Quilting Season

Block of the Month (also called BOM)

A block of the month allows you to work on a quilt with other quilters who are all
doing the same project at the same time. Some like to get together at our many
open sews so they can work together. Does that sound like fun? Read on!

Each month, you'll receive a kit containing fabrics &  pattern you'll need to make that
month's block.

AND it's more than just stopping by to pick up your monthly block kit. We also give
you an informal presentation relating to the specific theme of the
block-of-the-month, including a recipe to try that hails from the era being discussed.

See below for specific details.

If you can't make it in to our shop, we can always mail the kits to you. Phone
Above: Wild Women - Wild About Rights in red, tan/cream, & blue.
Below are past blocks-of-the-month in the same series:
Currently ongoing in our
History Block-of-the-Month Series:
Wild Women BOM: correction for Block #7
Under the cutting instructions, the last item should read:
"From stripe fabric cut (8) 3 1/4" squares. Cut each square
diagonally in half twice". If you have already cut this & need
more fabric we'll give you a piece on Saturday, January 5th
or Wednesday, January 9th.
Note: if you picked up your fabrics for the center appliqué,
be sure to check the background piece. We have discovered
that some of these pieces are flawed with what looks like a
grease spot.
A Year to Crow About was perfect for the confident beginner &
intermediate quilter & all others who think that crows are fascinating birds.

This block-of-the-month is now over, but we do have a few kits
available - details are on our kits page.
Journey into Color - this group started last
March & a 2nd group started last April.
Lacking confidence in choosing colors for your
quilts? Wish you knew more?  Here's your chance to
take away your fear of choosing & using color.
Join Mary as you find out how the difference in
placement of color affects a quilt block. The real life
sample is in our class room, & the single blocks are
on display on our ceiling!  
It's fun, you'll learn a lot, become more confident, &
gain experience in using color. At only $5/month,
it's a real bargain
Journey into Color: give us a call at 734.429.2900.

NOTE: Mary offers Journey into Color every year or
so. If you're interested in being placed on an
interest list, give us a call.
Our Historical Block-of-the-Month Series
continues with
The Victorian Lady: Walking in Her Shoes
Saturday, September 7th.

Focus: The American Victorian Lady from all walks of life
from 1876 - 1920.

This era saw rapid & dramatic change - it started with
most people living in the country & ended with most
people living in the city.

How did the Victorian American woman deal with these
changes? What was going on with fashion, colors,
etiquette, child rearing, & relationships? We'll find out
about her artistic contributions & other aspects of her life.

Each month for 12 months we will cover all of this along
with interesting history, a recipe & tasting from this era
and (of course) blocks in various sizes using colors popular
in the era.

Cost: $18.87/month (when tax is added, that's one twenty
dollar bill) each month for a year.
There are 2 extra additional fee months:
    Connecting Block Kit: $35 - which has all of the 6"  
    blocks & all of the connecting blocks for the entire
    quilt. This gives you a head start & you've the entire
    year to work on these blocks!
    Center Block Kit: $10 - available in January

We had a great start!  You can still join us
at the next meeting--October 5 at 10:30a!
Detail insets show
some of the fabrics in
this quilt & also details
of Cathy Boron's
Quilter's Cubbyhole)
This Victorian-era
petticoat, found at an
estate sale, is
decorated w/fabric
samples showing
colors of the era & will
be used in the quilt
This pieced top is about 104" x
76" & may have a border added.
Call 734.429.2900 to
sign up!!